Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Planting on sacks
1.fill the empty sack with mixture of soil and organic manure a strong stick at the center alongside with small stones attached to the strong stick.
Reason of placing stones alongside the stick it helps in proper drainage of water at the sack
3.then cut holes at the outer part of the suck using a knife or a sharp object

Reasons for this this type of farming
Its best for those people at urban centers, cities and also the poor who don't have farm/lands because it reduces cost of living by saving money and also improves healthy by using this method planting vegetables such as kale's, spinach, onion e.t.c which can provide enough harvest for household consumption uses and the plants are organic free from chemicals

Celebrating the day of African  child

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Adventure is a commitment made by the entire being, and can search our depths to bring out the best, most human qualities which remain in us

Voluntary work provides someone free learning skills and resources to meet his/her  mission and goals

Friday, 5 June 2015

permaculture class with holly and john Sheffy
conclusion ;permaculture is not just a thing,its a series of process that is combined too help make the environment and our lives better

Thursday, 4 June 2015

AFRICA MARIGOLD(tagetes exrecta)Mexican marigold)tagetes minuta
Used against :bacteria, fungi, nematodes, insect
Insects :beetles and many others
2.BLACK JACK (vixens pilosa)
Used against :insects, mites
:repels aphids, ants, beetles, cabbage root fly ,caterpillar, crickets, mites, termites and white flies
3.CASTOR OIL PLANT(Ricinus Communis)
Use against :rats, mice, termites (mounds),fungal diseases, rodents, pest, cutworms
4.Chilli/hot pepper and sweet peppers(Capsicum frutescens)
Used against ;slug, snails, soil pests, viral diseases, termites, ants, cutworms and other insects
5.Garlic (gallium CEOs)
Used against ;bacterial and fungal diseases
insects ;mites, mice, mole, aphids, ants, army worm, caterpillars,moths, grub, mosquitoes, termites
6.Papaya(caricature papaya )
Used against :fungal diseases e.g coffe rust, powdery mildew and rice brown leaf spot, nematodes and quite a few kinds insects
7.Pyrethrum(chrysanthemum cinerarifolium)
Used against ;all kinds of insects
8.Stinging nettle /wild nettle
used against ;fungal diseases
9.Tomato (lycopersicon esculentum)
Used against ;bacterial and fungal diseases
insects ;mites, nematodes, aphids, ants, asparagus bettle,cabbages worm, diamond back moth, cockroaches, whiteflies
10.Sodom apple fruit
Used against :aphids, caterpillar, mite and others
11.Datura stramonium
Used against ;most garden pest
12.Neem tree(azadirachta indica )
Leaves, fruits and roots have insecticidal repellent, antifeedant and pest-growth inhibiting qualities
Used against fungi and nematodes
When the above remedies do not prove effective, tobacco can be used, but it's not recommended for frequent use because pests can possibly became immune to it
it also kills beneficial
This what I was taught and I heard to share out to other people if your are intreasted to know any how of this is prepared feel free to ask al let you know

Can also mix the plant extra (most of them)to make astrong natural pesticides for most of the plant pest and diseases .

Just as the threads are attached together to make a strong rope also the communities and different cultures across the world should be attached to make abetter world