Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Making raised beds since they low-maintenance schemes, they keep plant organized ,reduce work in cleaning the garden ,it helps improve soil condition,planting and harvesting are easier ,helps save water,they also reduce disease too by directing water to the soil instead of wetting leaves surfaces
How its done
1. First prepare the land by breaking the soil into small particles
2. Mix the soil together with the organic manure
3. If its for the first time use a rope to ensure your bed is straight and looking smart of you can use your eye its okay as well but it will look wonderful if its straight
4. Then start pulling the soil from where you desire your walk path should be and place all of the soil on top of the bed
5.After which take something that's straight e.g a rake handle and start leveling the top of the bed and side ways but for side ways its cool while its in slope shape this help when the rain comes the soil is not washed away hence leading to falling down of the bed
N/B when making the bed during rainy season the soil is always wet so you need no water to make the side ways of the bed sticky but if your doing this during dry season ensure you wet the soil just where you will create the path not all wetting all land surface using just little water this helps the falling down of the bed
This bed can be used for 6-8 months without making another one just harvesting and planting new crops after harvesting if only prepared well enough

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